Turmeric & Black Pepper Organic Mix

Powerful powder mix used for supplementation

Turmeric, a powerful spice originally from India, and has been used for over 5,000 years, mainly for its culinary uses but increasingly for its medicinal properties. One of these key medicinal properties is a lovely little compound called Curcumin! 

Many studies have been published confirming its health benefits, resulting in a huge increase worldwide in the uptake of regular doses of Turmeric to maintain a healthy body.

What may not be widely understood is that Curcumin isn't absorbed very easily by our bodies as it metabolises very quickly in the liver. Thankfully mother nature has a way around this and it's simple - add Black Pepper!

Black pepper is packed full of vital nutrients and has many health benefits in its own right, but when combined with Turmeric, it's the compound Piperine that helps slow down the liver's metabolising process.
By consuming these two together you will increase the bioavailability or absorption of the Curcumin into the blood stream by up to 2000%.

Turmeric is also fat soluble so can be added to a variety of healthy fats (eg coconut oil) to increase the bioavailability of the Curcumin (by entering the blood stream faster and easier).

Suggested Usage

Personally, I recommend making golden milk which is a fine blend of Organic Turmeric & Black Pepper mixed with coconut oil and boiling water.
Having consumed this daily for the last year or so i can happily say I've been reaping in the health benefits and have no intention of taking it out of my daily routine

Health Benefits

  • Anti inflammatory
  • Anti oxidant on the body
  • Brain derived neurotropic factors
  • Lowers the risk of heart disease
  • Help prevent and treat cancer
  • Help problems related to arthritis
  • Benefits against depression
  • Delay ageing and age related chronic diseases 


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