Student Cooking Hamper

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Starving Students, 100 ways to flavor food cheaply whilst living on a Budget

Student Cooking Hamper

17 Herbs and Spices and a really Handy Recipe Book


This excellent gift set is perfect for a starving student on a budget.  An excellent spice cupboard means that you can turn even the blandest ingredients into a fantastically tasty meal!  It easily enables you to eat healthily and enjoy great flavours by cooking from scratch in just a fraction of the time it takes to order and receive a take away!

The Book

This indispensable guide is packed full of ideas for vibrant and healthy dishes that can be tackled by anyone.  With step-by-step instructions and full-colour photography for each recipe, this simple collection ensures delicious results every time

This Hamper contains:

  1. Coriander,
  2. Kashmiri
  3. Cinnamon,
  4. Black Pepper,
  5. Mint,
  6. Rosemary,
  7. Turmeric,
  8. Garlic Granules,
  9. Thyme,
  10. Cumin,
  11. Basil,
  12. Onion Kibbled
  13. Paprika,  
  14. Herb Salt,
  15. Salt and Pepper Mix,
  16. Parsley,
  17. Piri Piri,
  18. Student Recipe Book

This is an ideal gift for students or anyone new to cooking at home.

Freshly prepared herbs, spices and blends to give you the best shelf life.

Packaged in a sturdy attractive box.
Easily stack-able air tight pots, keeps your ingredients fresh and tidy in the domestic kitchen.

Please Note: We will replace a spice with one of equal quality and value when a product is temporarily out of stock.



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AMANDA MAY from Hereford -
Mum got this for my birthday. I love it.
Deirdre from Brighton -
i got my grand son this for when he went away to university, didnt think he'd make much of it but now hes sending me photos showing off what he's having for dinner every evening!
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Product Code SCH
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