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All Nature Kitchen Blends are suitable for vegetarians and the vast majority are gluten free!  We make everything from scratch, freshly grinding and hand mixing to ensure you get the very best quality and flavour every time.  Because our spices are so fresh, the flavours are much more powerful, so a little really does go a long way! Our Blends and Seasoning  are ideal for use as rubs, marinades and for seasoning meats and vegetables.  As a general rule, use a teaspoon for 2, or a tablespoon for 4.  Check out our recipes page for some delicious meal ideas to try.

When you go to buy apples in the grocery store, you do not expect to read the ingredients label to find anything other than apples listed in it so why should it be any different for spices and seasonings?

It  saddens me to see  the amount of non-spice ingredients companies feel they have to add into spices and blends in the name of "preservatives" when it is probably just another profit enhancing move.

I was perhaps quite naive when I started making my blends to sell, as it did not even occur to me to include any non spice ingredients into the blends that I created. Yet this is common practice across the Western hemisphere, and also something many consumers may not even be aware of.
A growing problem for many mass produced blends coming from the Asian continents into the Western Market.  An honest Spice blend will ehance the flavour of your food, as well as offer health benifits.  Adishonest blend is likely to undo the hard work in cooking from scratch and creating a well thought out fresh meal aimed to deliver clean eating.  

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