Soups, Stews & Slow cooker Recipes

Let's paint a picture of what Soups mean to us here at Nature Kitchen. Growing up in Northern Europe I'm sure at some point during a cold winters evening coming back from school, work or even a day of folly and leisure upon opening the front door of the house to have found yourself hijacked mentally emotion and spiritual by the sweet sweet smell of a delicious soup or stew being cooked by a loved one. And if not by a loved one then by the next best thing, sometimes going by the name of 'old faithful' the slow cooker you probably bought in the 90's is still kicking out a fair old bubble while you have been away. A common dish in these parts during the winter months and a 'must have' at least once a year! My personal preference goes further then that, and at least once a week we'd cook up a good stew, soup or slow cooked veggie or beef in necessary. If like us, you like variety, why not try out some of these different pot warming recipes we have listed. I guarantee you won't regret it!