Shawarma Kebab spice

You'll never buy a take-away kebab again after trying this

Excellent flavour perfect for a great Turkish kebab flavour to use when grilling, baking and spit roasting. 

It can be used for home cooking on other meats not just kebab, and is also an excellent spice when curing your own jerky. 

Ideal for a gentle stir fry on Quorn mince to make a meat free alternative to a great kebab.  

Shawarma, which in Arabic means (turning) is a reference to the motion of kebab meat being turned on a stick. But the name has changed it coarse to the meaning of a spice blend to.
Originally used in the 18th century on kebab meats for street food it has still kept its popularity and is now used on kebab meats all over the world in take away dinners, street foods and even gourmet restaurants.



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