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     Fine Sea Salt


It used to be so simple: Salt was always just, well, salt. But in recent times, things have gotten more complicated. Sea salt, table salt, organic salt, Celtic salt -- these and more are available to the average consumer, thanks largely to gourmet and health food stores. Here's how to distinguish between a few of the most common:

Table salt -- This is the one most of us sprinkled on our food growing up and probably still have a shaker-full of now. It comes from salt mines, from where it's been dug up, refined and had all of its minerals removed, leaving pure white sodium chloride. It is fine-grained, with additives to keep it free-flowing. It's the cheapest and most widely used.

Sea salt -- As the name indicates, this is collected from ocean or sea water through boiling or evaporation by sun and wind. Available in many different varieties and in grinds that range from coarse to extra-fine, it's usually not as refined as table salt. In fact, it often still has some trace minerals intact, including iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese, zinc and iodine, which gives it the bright, clean flavor devotees rave about. Sea salt tends to be significantly more expensive than common table salt because of its more labor-intensive manufacturing process.

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