Salt & Pepper Selection Gift Box
Salt & Pepper Selection Gift Box
Salt & Pepper Selection Gift Box
Salt & Pepper Selection Gift Box
Salt & Pepper Selection Gift Box

Salt & Pepper Selection Gift Box

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Excellent collection of 9 flavoured Salts and Peppers, perfect the grinder or as seasoning whilst cooking.
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This excellent collection of our 9 best-selling flavoured Salts and Peppers bring the simple delicate use of salt and pepper varieties to the table. For use in a grinder, pestle and mortar or as seasoning whilst cooking.

All our blends have been lovingly created by our spice masterminds, Ally and Jake, mother and son duo, who have been experimenting and honing their taste buds to bring the party to your mouth since 2008!

This gift box is an ideal present for the store cupboard or larder and includes our very own Nature Kitchen 'Award Winning' Herb Salt.

All our spice hampers are vegan friendly and completely gluten-free! 

Gift Box Contents 

The set includes the following 9 blends, presented in airtight stackable pots which are great for space-saving and are easy to store: 

Please Note: We will replace a blend with one of equal quality and value when a product is temporarily out of stock.

Suggested usage

Fill up a grinder for daily use, crush in a pestle and mortar or sprinkle as a seasoning whilst cooking.

Browse our Sauces & Condiments Recipes for ideas and inspiration. 

Great Fact

Did you know that Himalayan Rose Pink Salt contains an almost identical set of elements as those in our body - ie. 84 of 92 trace minerals - in the same proportions as occur in our blood.  The distinctive rose pink colour is a result of the high mineral content in the salt (iron, potassium and magnesium), all vital for good health!

This great healing salt is a key ingredient in many health improving diets, for many ailments from diabetes to cancer. This is due to its purity. This salt contains no iodine.  



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Anne Wilson from Bude -

Excellent gift. Good Quality. Love the pots they stack nicely.

Jenny from Devon -

Super product, delivery fast, nice presentation

GLUTEN FREE Gluten free
Vegan friendly Vegan friendly
Cuisine World Food
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