Roast Dinner Salt

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Roast Dinner Salt

Roast Dinner Salt is a combination of popular herbs that are widely used in a great array of dishes and cuisines around the world. These ingredients with sea salt create an easy seasoning for many dishes.This salt can be used as a table condiment in a grinder or a cooking salt. Either way, it imparts a moorish flavour.

This Salt mix will make your meals really tasty and highly aromatic. It's a perfect seasoning to make meals stunningly delicious and delectable. For a quick seasoned oil for fresh foccacia bread, add a teaspoon of this salt to some quality olive oil then paste on some freshly baked foccacia bread. This Great grinder Salt is ideal for the table. Sprinkle this on your roasted veg, spuds and meat for an easy and tasty seasoning solution for your Sunday roast or Christmas Dinner.

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Sage, Onion, Garlic, Rosemary, Parsley and Thyme.


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Product Code RDSR1
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