Moroccan Spice And Seasoning Selection

Excellent set of 9 spices essential for Moroccan and Middle Eastern cooking.
The Moroccan set of 9 spice gift box. If your a fan of cooking or even just eating then search no more! We like to think being here on our Web store you have found the right place, as we have a little something for everyone. Im sure either through word or mouth you are very much familiar with the intense magic and soul found in Moroccan cuisine.
From the hot hot chili's being used, down to the earthy aromatic spices found in many a dish. Their cuisine being one of the leading styles for abundant use of spices.
And with different spice comes many different health benefits so its surely a good go to dinner after a long day.
The blends we make up ourselves with our own personal recipes, meaning you wont find flavors anywhere else in the world that reach the measures of ours. With the majority of our spices being freshly ground we have no doubt that even half a tea spoon added to your dish will send your taste buds on a journey through space and time.
We want to make cooking easy for you, and so it should be! as its a long forgotten passion and hobby that modern day culture has misleadingly seen as a chore rather then a pleasure. So if your new to cooking with spices we include a little card with a few tips and tricks on cooking with such condiments.
So this whole process can be as easy and enjoyable as its meant to be.

So grab a gift to day! For friend, family or maybe even a little treat for yourself! You know you deserve it :)

The sturdy beautifully designed box includes:

- Harrisa Spice
- Shwarma Spice
- Moroccan Tagine Spice
- Ya Salam
- True Ceylon Cinnamon
- Garden Mint
-White Sesame Seeds
- Rose Petals
- Ras-el-hanout
  • Suitable for Beginners, Starving Students, Keen Cooks, Chefs and Bored Spouses!
  • Ideal Gift for any occasion: Christmas, Birthdays, New Home, Wedding Gift Anniversary
  • All spices are in easy to stack air tight pots to support ambient storage and an excellent shelf life
  • 10 great recipe Ideas included with practical instructions to get the very best from your Moroccan flavours


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