Mexican & South American

Famous all across the globe, and renowned for the rampant chilli use in even a breakfast dish Mexican and South American cooking is where it's at. A long old way from Europe unfortunately but that does not stop us from endeavoring in a small tasty sample of such a vibrant culture.
Some dishes being so complex they  can take 2 days to master, some contain the most bizarre methods going as far as cure drying just one simple spice on a particular month of the year up atop of a certain mountain! But we wont be going that far, there would be enough room on our page!
We will,however, be enlightening and inspiring you with a few mix and match recipes ranging from quick and simple to maybe just a few slightly difficult ones harder.
We hope you find these guides easy to follow and if you would like to send us any of your own recipes to pin up on our wall then send them over.
In this modern world the more people learn about traditional wholesome cooking the better.