Mediterranean Spices Gift Box Collection

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Already one of the most popular cooking styles around! Why not treat a friend or family member to this complete Mediterranean spice box
This excellent little box set is the perfect assortment of spices needed for any keen foodie out there! Mediterranean cooking being one of the most popular as well as one of the most healthiest cooking styles around.

The style of cooking having a vast range from easy dishes to the more complex ones, but there is one thing these dishes cant go with out, and that's some of the styled spices and blends used with them.
Some of these blends being so hard to find when in the supermarkets that we decided to make our own. Filled with love and care, and having had vigorous testing on many a dinner in our company's time we think we might just have finally perfected it. We try to buy the freshest of spices to keep the flavors at there maximum, we fresh grind as many of the whole spices as we can meaning that even half a teaspoon full of spice added to your dish can pack one hell of a punch.

With such freshly made spices we can have a longer shelf life on our product, but i guarantee being over whelmed by the exotic flavors that it would be hard for them to make it to this point.

All spices come in a sturdy box with some beautiful imaging on the front to make it an ideal gift for friends, family or even yourself!
Filled with spices as followed:
Paella Spice
Sweet Chili Marinade
Fish Seasoning
Greek Style Seasoning
Mediterranean Seasoning
Italian Seasoning
Smoked Paprika
Garlic Flakes
Also containing a handy little card with 10 tips and tricks on the back to make the joyous activity of cooking as smooth and hassle free as possible.


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Brand NatureKitchen
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Product Code 7061113427507