Marigold Petal

Product code: MARIR1
A beautiful herb used for decoration, teas and being added to currys and salads

Marigold has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties.  The phytochemicals, saponins, flavonoids and triterpenes are responsible for this anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action of the marigold. 

Marigold is mainly used externally to treat bruises, wounds, eczema, skin disorders, haemorrhoids and burns. Rubbing marigold flowers against a skin affected by a wasp or bee sting will help to ease the pain and swelling. Juice of the marigold is used to remove warts.
Marigold is used internally to treat gastric ulcers and infections of mouth and throat.  Drinking marigold tea or eating marigold flowers or leaves improves digestion by stimulation of bile production.  Ingestion of marigold helps to cure menstrual cramps, liver disease and constipation.


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Product Code MARIR1
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