Indian Cooking

Fantastic recipe idea's rich with colour, flavour and a whole host of spices to choose from, Indian cuisine having one of the largest ranges of spices to offer. some of there blends containing over 40 different spices! Now that's a secret recipe if ever iv known one.
A country so rich in culture, good health, colour and creativity then you have no doubt that their food is going to be nothing short of on the point no matter the dish
With every spice being more and more known by the scientific community every year for its many health benefits you soon learn that having this diet as a part of your life is simply just a must. Even though it had been known for many years over in Indian for the amazing properties of spice, im glad to say it is finally catching on in the west.
So bring some fabulous spicy smells and flavours to your kitchen with some of these excellent little recipes, Indian curry's being one of the most popular world foods in the UK then who knows, you might find your neighbors knocking on your door to try a bit.