Horseradish Powder

Sharp, hot, mustard flavour
Add horseradish powder to any sauce, to give it a sharp zippy flavour.
The volatile oils which give horseradish its pungent nature are quite similar to those found in mustard, when you cook horseradish, these oils evaporate, reducing the bite.  This is why you normally see horseradish used in uncooked sauces.

For a thick, sharp horseradish sauce, mix 1 part powder with 3 parts water.  For a thinner sauce, thin out with yoghurt, lemon juice or vinegar.  For cocktail dipping sauce, add 2 tablespoons horseradish powder to 1 cup tomato paste. For a really hot mustard sauce, mix it with Oriental mustard powder and vinegar. Or sprinkle this into Bloody Mary's for a real eye-opener!


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GLUTEN FREE Gluten free
Heat Hot
Vegan friendly Vegan friendly
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