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The home of so many beautiful minerals, antioxidants. and flavanoids.

Becoming more aware of your diet and the healing properties of food will help you to make necessary adjustments to meet the needs of your body and it will do an enormous amount to maintain and improve your health.
With each herb, comes a story of medicinal use and great flavour imparted to your dish.  Not to be ignored, these powerful leaves and powders have the ability to transform your food with pungent aromas, joyful flavours and life giving energy, even in the dried form.  

There are things that can be learnt and adopted from traditional ways of eating such as the Inuit, Japanese, Mediterranean and paleolithic or ancestral diets. We are very adaptable and it is interesting to see the ways in which different cultures have adapted their diets to remain healthy in widely different environments.
Globally most diets are plant-based, with meat reserved for feast days and occasional treats. They include plenty of oily fish so are rich in the omega-3 fatty acid DHA. Their overall balance of essential fatty acids is healthier (i.e. higher in omega 3 than 6, unlike modern diets), and they are high in antioxidants.
In fact, there are fewer distinctions between the two than we sometimes think and most medicinal herbs can be incorporated into our daily diet.

Their healing benefits are most concentrated as a tincture or tea; they are subtler when used in smaller ratios for cooking.

Prolonged exposure to heat is not recommended for any herb, so add towards the end of cooking.
Consider these dual purpose herbs, roots and berries:

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