Gift sets and Hampers

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The true meaning behind a spice Hamper 

Our ability to make productive changes by offering the gift of food knowledge is not just a timely gift to mark an occasion.  It is in fact a ticket to a journey that will change your life, health and eating habits.  

The relationship between the Earth and food holds the answer to wellness wisdom nutrition and sustainability. Understanding the Spice cupboard and cultural cuisine will have a wise and positive effect on your health.  Breaking from the myth of convenience foods and opting for an empowering and satisfying experience instead of a quick fix with short term benefit.  

Our personal relationship with knowledge and nutrition should not be the responsibility of Large food manufacturers or pharmaceutical giants.  It needs to be back in the family and the community.  In cultures around the world traditional medicine and food have been closely linked through the spice cupboard.  Age old traditional soups, stews, curry and tea have been used for centuries to bring people back to better health.

The pleasure of preparing food with friends and family members, eating together discussing secret recipes and taking pride in your own personal take on a favorite food.  It could be Dads pickles, Mums amazing Bread, or a famous chicken soup for colds and flu.  

The time for an internal awakening has never been more apparent, we must take responsibility for our food and nutritional knowledge.  The answer to an abundant healthy life is in the food that we eat.  

It's simple. We need to consume food that results in health and vitality. Our needs for protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals have not changed much over the last centuries; The way the human body assimilates food hasn't changed much either.

Human beings are complex organisms that go way beyond the physical, extending into our cultural, environmental and spiritual lives. We have the capacity to travel the world and adapt to any climate, geography and culture. We group together in a myriad of ways, forming societies and views of the world as different as snowflakes. Each of us has a unique interaction with the world around us.

In ancient traditions, people thought of eating as sacred; cooking was an art, also sacred. They understood the impact food had on every aspect of the human experience. We think of the past as primitive and uneducated, when in fact, we may have lost, in our modern experience, a deep wisdom that came with nourishing the human body with real food; food fit for human consumption.

Much of our food today has little or no connection with the food of our ancestors; the food that nourished generations of humans, each of which lived in a way that created longevity. Each generation enjoyed more years of life as we developed a better understanding of sanitation, fresh water, shelter and food.

Food creates our humanity. What we choose to eat determines the quality of that humanity. A society that nourishes itself on whole, unprocessed food; food as Mother Nature created it is a society that respects all living things... the planet and the life on it.