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  • Around the World Gift Box

    Around the World Gift Box

    From: £21.99

    '9 gourmet seasonings to take the taste buds on holiday'

    This gift box is for the adventurers, the keen cooks and the culinary-curious! From Europe to the East, the Caribbean to Central America this collection is designed to keep the palate travelling every time you sit down to eat. 

  • BBQ Beast Gift Box

    BBQ Beast Gift Box

    This collection of 9 BBQ Spices and Seasonings is the perfect gift for the BBQ lover in your life! 
    A combination of carefully selected seasonings, designed to add the perfect pop to your garden parties, and spice up your summer feasts!
  • Caribbean Gift Box

    Caribbean Gift Box


    Afro-Caribbean Gift Box
    Introduce real energy, heat and vibrancy to your repertoire with this gift box set of 9 punchy African and Caribbean inspired spices and spice blends.

  • Gourmet BBQ Smokehouse Gift Box

    Gourmet BBQ Smokehouse Gift Box

    From: £21.99
    This gift box contains an essential selection of nine blends and seasonings for the Grill Demon in your life. Whether they are Carnivorous, Omnivorous or Herbivorous, this kit has all they need to make rich, smoky and aromatic dishes fit for any foodie to devour! BBQs, roasts and fry up ready! 
  • Gourmet Vegan Gift Box

    Gourmet Vegan Gift Box

    From: £21.99
    Who’s the herbivore in your life? We’ve carefully selected some great blends for the plant-based population to throw/sprinkle/pinch into their dishes.
  • Indian Cooking Spices Gift Box

    Indian Cooking Spices Gift Box

    From: £21.99
    This carefully selected collection of colourful and aromatic blends and seasonings is perfect gift for anyone who enjoys making a good curry from scratch, with nine essential ingredients this practical gift will be a vital tool for any curry lover.
  • Indian Curry  Selection Gift Box

    Indian Curry Selection Gift Box

    This delicious and versatile selection of nine Indian Curry spice blends and seasonings offers a great variety of hot, medium and mild flavours. A firm favourite for flavoursome family feasts! From Masala lovers to Madras addicts, there is something in the box for all to enjoy.
  • Mediterranean Spices Gift Box

    Mediterranean Spices Gift Box

    This gift box set is the perfect assortment of 9 herbs, spices, spice blends and seasonings for any keen foodie out there with a penchant for  healthy and flavoursome Mediterranean food. 
  • Red Hot Chilli Champion Gift Box

    Red Hot Chilli Champion Gift Box


    For the fanatical chilli-head, the Nature Kitchen team have created this fiery chilli gift box selection, stocking 9 of our most popular chillies and blends.

    This ultimate Chilli kit includes a range of dried whole and ground chillies, as well as our bespoke blends.

  • Taste of Morocco Gift Box

    Taste of Morocco Gift Box

    From: £21.99

    Discover the intense and magical flavours of Moroccan and Middle Eastern cooking with this set of 9 essential Moroccan herbs, spices, spice blends and seasonings. 

    We've handpicked some of the key spices and spice blends to make your dishes as vibrant as the markets of Marrakesh. 

Our Nature Kitchen Spice Gurus have worked tirelessly to produce wonderful combinations of spices, herbs, seasonings and spice blends that will inspire you and your loved ones to go on a taste adventure!

Give the gift of a food adventure and they won't look back -  in each of our gift boxes they will find little pots of life-affirming alchemy!  

These box sets are not just timely gifts to mark an occasion; they signify more than that. The recipient will embark on a journey of discovery, not only experiencing food flavours from around the world but changing mindsets about health and eating habits.