Dried Herbs & Seasonings

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  • Basil Dried

    Basil Dried

    From: £1.00
    Most closely associated with Mediterranean cooking but also very prevalent in Asian food, the herb basil has a sweet, strong aroma and flavour.
  • Bay Leaf

    Bay Leaf

    From: £1.30
    The aromatic leaf from the bay laurel tree, it is an essential component for the classic curry
  • Marigold Petal

    Marigold Petal

    From: £2.20
    A beautiful herb used for decoration, teas and being added to currys and salads
  • Chives


    From: £1.40
    A close relative to the garlic, shallot and leek... chives can add that much needed zing to your soups and stews
  • Coriander Leaf

    Coriander Leaf

    From: £1.40
    Packed full of different vitamins coriander leaf is the go to herb for cooking dishes all around the world
  • Curry Leaves

    Curry Leaves

    From: £2.40
    A popular spice used for rich flavour as well as decoration in a traditional curry meal
  • Dill Herb

    Dill Herb

    From: £1.50
    Very popularly used on fish around the European countries to add a delicious traditional flavour
  • Fenugreek Leaf

    Fenugreek Leaf

    From: £1.40
    A powerful herb used traditionally in Indian cooking
  • Herbs de Provence

    Herbs de Provence

    From: £1.60
    A popular blend of herbs originating in France and slowly progressing around the world in popularity
  • Kaffir Lime Leaves

    Kaffir Lime Leaves

    From: £2.50
    Fantastic in Thai cooking as well as complimenting many other Eastern dishes
  • Lavender


    Popular for its aroma and decorative attributes! But also great in teas and added to deserts
  • Marjoram


    From: £1.20
    A delicious little herb filled with sweet pine and citrus flavours
  • Mint


    From: £1.30
    A popular herb used for making sauces as well as adding that well known flavour to traditional dishes from Europe right down to the Middle east
  • Oregano


    From: £1.20
    A well known herb suited for many cooking styles, but most commonly used in Mediterranean cooking
  • Parsley


    From: £1.40
    A herb well accustomed all dishes around the world, this is a must have on the spice rack
  • Rosemary


    From: £1.30
    A fantastic smell! As well as a fantastic taste! A must have for every kitchen
  • Sage


    From: £1.40
    Easy to use, and always a great taste. This herb will rarely will let you down
  • Savoury


    From: £1.80
    With a slightly more salty/spicy zest to it... it's traditionally used in main course meals
  • Tarragon


    From: £2.35
    The aromatic, slightly aniseed flavoured leaves of tarragon are ideal added to soups, stews, bread as well as some traditional puddings
  • Thyme


    From: £1.20
    Make time for some thyme! A delicious little herb that with even just a sprinkle can liven up any dish
  • Italian Seasoning

    Italian Seasoning

    From: £1.45
    Great with pasta, lasagne or even sprinkled on a home made pizza
  • Mixed Herbs

    Mixed Herbs

    From: £1.20
    You can pretty much add this herb blend to anything if you think the flavour suits the dish

The home of so many beautiful minerals, antioxidants. and flavanoids.

Becoming more aware of your diet and the healing properties of food will help you to make necessary adjustments to meet the needs of your body – and it will do an enormous amount to maintain and improve your health.
With each herb, comes a story of medicinal use and great flavour imparted to your dish.  Not to be ignored these powerfull leaves and powders have the ability to transform your food with pungent aromas, joyful flavours and life giving energy even in the dry form.  
There are things that can be learnt and adopted from traditional ways of eating such as the Inuit, Japanese, Mediterranean and paleolithic or ancestral diets. We are very adaptable and it is interesting to see the ways in which different cultures have adapted their diets to remain healthy in widely different environments.
Globally most diets are plant-based, with meat reserved for feast days and occasional treats. They include plenty of oily fish so are rich in the omega-3 fatty acid DHA. Their overall balance of essential fatty acids is healthier (i.e. higher in omega 3 than 6, unlike modern diets), and they are high in antioxidants.
In fact, there are fewer distinctions between the two than we sometimes think and most medicinal herbs can be incorporated into our daily diet.

Their healing benefits are most concentrated as a tincture or tea; they are subtler when used in smaller ratios for cooking. Prolonged exposure to heat is not recommended for any herb, however, so add towards the end of cooking. Consider these ‘dual purpose’ herbs, roots and berries:

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