Chilli Box Selection and Scoville Scale Seasonings Blends Marinades

Blow your head off today with this Hot Hot Hot set of 9 Chillis and Spice Blends Gift Box selection!

For the fanatical chilli head, the Nature Kitchen team have created this fiery Chilli gift box selection, stocking 9 of our most popular chillies and blends.

This ultimate Chilli kit includes a range of dried whole and ground chillies, as well as some bespoke blends.

Having some of the hottest chillies in the world, like the Trinidad Scorpion and the ghost chilli, it is guaranteed to add that desired fire to any dish.

Each spice blend has been lovingly crafted in-house by our resident Spice Gurus, Ally and Jake, who have been experimenting on your behalf since 2008, to create sensational taste fusions and a right royal party in your mouth!

All our spice hampers are vegan-friendly and completely Gluten Free!

Gift Box Contents

The set includes the following essential spices, presented in airtight stackable pots which are great for space-saving and are easy to store:

This set also comes with a handy Scoville scale card and Recipe Suggestions card.

Suggested usage  

This delicious selection of chillis offers versatility and opportunities to create endless combinations, suitable for any meal. 

For ideas and inspiration, take a look at our Recipes page.


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GLUTEN FREE Gluten free
Vegan friendly Vegan friendly
Heat Hot
Cuisine World Food
Weight 0.5kg