Caribbean Collection Spice Box

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Packed full of Heat, flavour and sweetness! This is the go to spice collection for most Caribbean cooking styles
Fancy adding a little more heat, soul and flavor to your cooking, or feel you need that extra bit of zest to your Caribbean dishes then look no further!
Caribbean cooking having grown so popular in Europe over the last half a century and still continuing to do so that we decided to make the ultimate collection of all our Caribbean spices and blends we stock at our factory.
Ranging from the really hot dishes to the relatively mild we have a nice little mix of everything that can cater to someone's every cooking need.
The blends we have hand crafted ourselves through secret recipes we have been using for over ten years now, and they have always gone down a big hit. The spices being freshly ground where ever possible gives our little seasonings the true kick they deserves! As well as giving your taste buds the same true aromatic kick it deserves.

This little box of deliciousness comes with sturdy packaging with a beautiful design a front, as well as including a small card with a few tips and tricks to guide even the most kitchen shy person in to using our spices with confidence and ease.

The spices included are as followed:

Fish Seasoning.
Mexican Ranch Rub.
Soul Foods Seasoning.
Jerk Seasoning.
Jammin Jamaican Seasoning.
All Spice Berry.
Caribbean Island Spice.
Chipotle Chili Crushed

So pick up a gift today! whether it be for you friends, family or just a cheeky treat for yourself! Cooking should never be boring and never be a chore, so living things up a bit, and bring some magic back in to the kitchen.


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Product Code 7061114444831
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