Cardamom Ground Green

Green Cardamom native to the Middle East, North Africa, and Scandinavia

Cardamoms intensely aromatic flavour is used in many dishes across Asia, in both sweet and savoury dishes.  It has a heady aromatic note.  Combined with sugar and pistachio, it is commonly used in Baklava in the Middle East.  

Cardamom has a strong, unique taste with an intensely aromatic, resinous fragrance. Why not try adding a little cardamom to white chocolate mousse.

Medicinal: Green cardamom in South Asia is broadly used to treat infections in teeth and gums, to prevent and treat throat troubles, congestion of the lungs and pulmonary tuberculosis, inflammation of eyelids and also digestive disorders. It also is used to break up kidney stones and gall stones, and was reportedly used as an antidote for both snake and scorpion venom.


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