Caraway Seed

Caraway (Carum carvi), Meridian fennel, Persian cumin - nutty and warm with a hint of anise

Popular in German breads and pastries. These pungent, slightly bitter seeds can lighten heavy dishes, such as ribs and pork, and can be used in sauces and teas.

Caraway Basics
This member of the parsley family has a pungent aroma and flavour, nutty and warm with a hint of anise. This ancient brown seed is a common element in Austrian and German cooking.

Available in both whole and ground seeds, whole seeds have a potent flavour and aroma. If a recipe calls for ground seeds, grind up just before using for best results.

Nutrition Info
One tablespoon of caraway seeds has 22 calories, 1 gram of fat and 2 grams of fibre.  There's also a small amount of iron, calcium and even a pinch of vitamin C.

What to do with Caraway
Caraway seeds add their distinctive flavour to St. Patricks Day favourites like corned beef, coleslaw and Irish soda bread. It's also a traditional ingredient in harissa, a fiery Tunisian condiment. For an unexpected, yet warm and delicious flavour add caraway seeds to soup, stews, sauces and dry rubs for beef or lamb.

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