Beetroot Powder

A rich dietary source with naturally occurring nitrates in a vibrant pink powder.

Beetroot is an excellent natural colouring. It also adds that distinct beetroot sweetness to cooking. Why not try using this in ice creams or red velvet cake? Beetroot powder contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Medicinal use:
Beetroot has been used for its medicinal properties since ancient times. Considered beneficial to the blood, heart, and digestive system, beetroot has been used to treat skin problems, headaches and lethargy. It's also regarded as a great laxative and a cure for bad breath, coughs and even as an aphrodisiac!

Did you know...
Beetroot has been regarded by some specialists as a preventative for cancer (by increasing immune system function).


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GLUTEN FREE Gluten free
Vegan friendly Vegan friendly
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